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- 45 as3recyclelist - AS3 List for Android and iOS devices that uses Object pools to recycle list items. Apache licensed, AS3 project for use in Flash CS4 or Flex. As-pagination - Pagination Actionscript.0 Library as3-persistence - A framework for ActionScript 3 to encapsulate the "How?" of persistent objects aka entities asresource - A restful framework similar to Rails' ActiveResource for Actionscript 3 crazyas - Useful actionscript library. These include classes for MD5 and SHA 1 hashing, Image encoders, and json serialization as well as general String, Number and Date APIs.

AS3-Classes - Actionscript.0 Classes to use with Flash and/or Flex bindage-tools - BindageTools data binding framework for Flex ActionScript 3 activeresource - A Flex/ActionScript Framework to integrate with Ruby on Rails. Easy_lua - Easy Lua is the simplest way to add Lua scripts to your Adobe Flash or ActionScript project. As3Query - Another SQLite ORM and query DSL for ActionScript as3redis - An Actionscript 3 library for Redis airdb - ActionScript AIR ORM for using client-side SQLite within AIR and Flex apps. RObject - Fast reflection for ActionScript textas - A text adventure (interactive fiction) written in Actionscript Flash-Ant-Script - Generic Ant script to compile actionscript actionscript-browser - A group of classes that mimics some javascript functionality using the externalInterface as-sqs - Amazon SQS. Cannonml-as3 - keim's CannonML (shmup scripting language) implementation in Actionscript 3 GpxAS3 - Parse GPX files in AS3 as-to-bert - ActionScript to Binary Erlang Term (bert) serialization and deserialization library Frameworks Write Less, Do More Flush - Flush is a Flash. Js - Brings microphone access to javascript! Evolution - Actionscript.0 implementaion of "Game of Life" (as also known as "Evolution as3maven-pom - maven2 pom for actionscript project AirBag - An ActionScript pixel-level collision detection library as-spring - ActionScript IOC framework actionscript-3-textmate-bundle - my own. AS3CoreInterfaces - AS3 core display layer interfaces.g. AS3-Utilities - A collection of AS3 utilties i've created as3-signals-utilities-async - Async test support for as3-signals MakeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder - This project has moved.

3 - Multitouch framework for Flash Multimedia Camera CameraFocus - a 2D camera helper class for ActionScript.0 projects / Starling Framework jQuery-AS3-Webcam - jQuery wrapper for capturing web camera images written with ActionScript 3 camera_upload - A simple actionscript uploader doing. As3-router - Simple hash-router for ActionScript 3 melomel - External ActionScript Interface. Asynchronous operations-lib - asynchronous ops library - a merge of joe berkovitz's moccasin operations and those in the spring-actionscript lib TwoWayLocalConnection - Two way, asynchronous, LocalConnection class which is not subject to the 40KB message size limit imposed by the standard actionscript. Ending - Roguelike puzzle game pewpew - Flash based space shooter game EZPlatformer - A simple platforming game - collect coins and reach the exit to win. LinkupGame - PureMVC RobotLegs Framework Logger Framework as_external_logger - Simple logging facility to enable javascript console logging from actionscript as_external_logger - Simple logging facility to enable javascript console logging from actionscript DConsole - AS3 debugging console flash-console - Automatically exported from. AS3-Global-Object - AS3 Global Object is a Singleton that lets you store dynamic variables in a globally accessible location within your Actionscript 3 application. Axiis - Data visualization framework with line, bar, wedge, column, cluster, area, smith and treemap charts. Developed in Actionscript for deployment on Android devices carnival - ActionScript.0 Framework TransformTool - The Transform Tool is an ActionScript-based component that provides visual controls for manipulating the shape and position of display objects on the screen. StringParser - ActionScript 3 expandable String parser allows you to add sub-parsers. As3rpclib - Actionscript 3 RPC Library moses - Mouse Gesture Recognition in ActionScript 3 AStar - AStar written in Actionscript 3 TmxTool - A general-purpose Flash/ActionScript TileEd.tmx file loading and processing library.


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Xxtea-as3 - xxtea encryption algorithm library for ActionScript. Also useful for launching NativeProcess (batch, commands, etc.) containerport - A Flash minigame simulating container shipping ports. SpriterAS - An AS3 library for rendering Spriter Animations (scml) with Starling StarlingFeathers - StarlingFeathers Starling StarlingPunk - StarlingPunk is a framework built on top the Starling library designed to add structure and organization to your 2D game projects. Hue - Actionscript library for color space transformations and spectrum rendering AS3-Toolkit - This is an Actionscript.0 toolkit. Node-flash-game - testing out node. Accelerate - Simple application for measuring speed labs - Miscellaneous code snippets and experiments seti - seti jooflash-app-template - Jangaroo Flash Application Template: a starting point for your own project ansition - A FlashPunk library for handling transitions hcrepos - Hacker's.

Oni - AS3 game engine used for / Samphire - 2d game engine using ember Samphire-demos - Samphire game engine examples evangel-playerio - Flash MMO game engine made with AS3, Flashpunk and PlayerIO EntityAsteroids - Simple, open source entity-based. Further development will be made in Flex official repository here: ( ) firefly-sdk - Firefly - in4ray Gaming SDK Android-Native-Device-Info - Grab native device info like OS, Model, Brand, SDK Version and CPU. AS3-Motion-Tracker - A simple webcam based motion tracker written in Actionscript.0 mtm1525-webcam - Utilize provided Actionscript files to animate image capture simplevideochat - A simple webcam video chat with two partner. API, unsorted, user Interface, uI Components, minimalComps - Minimal ActionScript.0 UI Components for Flash robertpenner/MinimalComps - MinimalComps are a set of minimal user interface components for use in ActionScript.0 based projects. Palette-Fuck - Flash based palette generation app for quickly producing high quality palette files. It is a Flex library providing content generation features to ActionScript community. CellGame - A real-time strategy game that incorporates real cellular Biology. Since the code has grown too much in size for me to make individual lessons with a parallel developing code, the source here is the reference for those tutorials from now.

Axiis - A markup based data visualization framework for Flex Flare - Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. Randori-framework - Randori Framework for ActionScript monitor - Lightweight customizable ActionScript.0 property monitor netconnectionsmart - A replacement class for the standard NetConnection actionscript class. Twinkle - A tweening library for Actionscript 3 ztween - A simple tweening library. Swiz-Console - An implementation of the Kap Lab debugging console for the Swiz framework AS3console - A logging system for Actionscript3 FWLog - Actionscript library for easier logging in your Custom Fireworks Panels SmplLggr - Simple but comfortable logger library. AS-Parse - Actionscript framework used to communicate with the m cloud backend. Echo-nest-flash-api - Unofficial Flash API for the Echo Nest API GeoNamesAS3 - GeoNames api for actionscript. Minko-examples - Samples for the Minko 3D engine. TlfcontrolSprite - Starling tlfcontrolSprite: Starling DynamicAtlasCreator - Helps create Starling Texture Atlas dynamically from a single super atlas (2048, ipad retina screen width based) benoitfreslon-layoutmanager - A visual layout manager. The library also contains Stage3D (GPU) accelerated implementation based on Starling. Nautilida - ActionScript.0 platform based Game Framework.

Due to the lack of Objective C Development Know-How I'm looking for someone to fix the.6.7 compatibility mediaplayer - SWF media player capable of displaying images and videos in both single and slideshow formats AS3Introspection - AS3 describeType. Gestures AS3TouchLib - AS3 touch library for read CCV TCP/FlashXML data, tuio UDP/TCP or TouchEvents from other devices and dispatch MouseEvent's and TouchEvent's on flash display list like native devices Gestouch - Gestouch: multitouch gesture recognition library for Flash (ActionScript) development. Makes multi-resolution support a breeze. FBoxModel - A BoxModel display for Flash lhasa - Layout Handler for ActionScript Applications. It's the easiest and fastest way to add and use drag and drop actions in ActionScript.0 revisit - revisit is a real-time visualization of the latest twitter messages (tweets) around a specific topic. Blue-karma-as3 - A Point and Touch Actionscript game built with Starling RunAlong - First game I have completed enough to let other people play! For instructions on building the Reversi projects, see the Reversi Wiki. As3commons-collections - ActionScript Collections Framework actionscript - A collection of as3 tools.

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AS3 - This is a very useful library of AS3 classes airfileSave - Ever wanted to dynamically write local files from a Flash game/app at runtime (without server-side scripts, or annoying File Dialog prompts)? This means that most of the dirty work (timestep, animation, input, and collision to name a few) is already coded for you and ready to go, giving you more time and energy to concentrate on the design and testing of your game. OrgActionScript3 redsun - Red Sun - Ruby to Flash compiler and framework saqas3 - Saqoosha's AS3 Library as3 - A bunch of reusable junk for my own work. Flash ActionScript code Data Visualization Degrafa - Degrafa is a declarative graphics framework for Flex. It enables illustrators to maintain a familiar workflow while generating animations for EaselJS and other formats. FlashProject - ActionScript ActionscriptAnimation - ActionscriptAnimation actionscript - Examples of actionscript code scratch-flash - Open source version of the Scratch.0 project editor. LoaderQueue - ActionScript 3 QueueLoader - QueueLoader is an easy to use Flash Actionscript (3.0) asset loading utility with a number of features. AS3-LocaleManager - Basic localization support for ActionScript apps as3base64 - An ActionScript.0 library for encoding/decoding strings and objects to/from Base 64 as3-operations - Async operation contracts and helpers for ActionScript 3 as3-cheats - Provides an easy way to use cheat codes with ActionScript.0.

Foscam-Flex - mjpeg IP CAM in AS3 - Air for Android Sound standingwave3 - AS3 dynamic audio library radioclouds - Social graph/radio based on soundcloud api. Actionscript3 client libraries for the CityIndex Trading API, suitable for Flex/Flash/Actionscript based projects Milky - Actionscript 3 API kit for m / Remember the Milk as2flexlogger - Actionscript.0 port of the Flex 3 logging API - A AS3 wrapper for. JS jsfllib - Flash jsfl private library runway - Runway is a set of ActionScript and JavaScript libraries for leveraging the LeapMotion input device as2js - Object bridge from ActionScript.0 to JavaScript jsobject - Nicer JavaScript objects through ExternalInterface. Hangman - Word game for mobile devices built using ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR, Starling and Feathers. Basecampas3 - An API to connect to Basecamp (by 37 Signals) with ActionScript.

Your videos can be locally availble on your device or they can be online. Urimanager - URI manager utility for ActionScript 3 as3utils - Utility classes for ActionScript based projects. As3scrollinglist - AS3 Scrolling List for Android and iOS devices Air-Mobile-ScrollController - Everything you need to have scrolling in your Adobe Air application that feels native on mobile (iOS, Android) TouchScrolling - TouchScrollManager kinetic" touch scrolling) for AS3 (Flash platform) development BlastedMouseWheelBlock. Flash-Optimizing-Tools - Flash Optimizing Tools Dwarf - A lightweight AIR screen toolbox app openpyro - An open source framework for ActionScript3 based applications xember - A riff on the Ember entity system RectanglePacking - Super fast AS3 implementation. NyARToolkitAS3 - NyARToolkit AS3 edition. Sequencer - Audio Sequencer - Actionscript playcorder-core-as3 - Audio playing and recording component based on Flash with intuitive Javascript API Jukebox - Music manager for Actionscript 3 projects Soundcloud-AS3-API - Universal Soundcloud API wrapper for Flash, Flex and AIR projects, written in ActionScript.0.

It is written purely in ActionScript 3 and comfortably allows to write source code once and deploy builds to several different target platforms. Raix - raix (Reactive And Interactive eXtensions) is a functional, composable, API for AS3 that simplifies working with data, regardless of whether its interactive (arrays) or reactive (events). InstallApacheFlexBadge - The html, JS and ActionScript code for the badge installer randori-libraries - Randori Libraries for ActionScript. Js astra-flash - Fork of Astra Flash components - AS3 multipart form data request generator visu - Visu is a videoconferencing software mainly aimed at foreign language courses. Check out the Feathers project for Starling UI components. All updates to this project will happen there from now. Oauth-flex - plugin for Apache Flex/ActionScript oauth-as3 - Mavenized, RSL version of oauth-as3 library - OAuth for ActionScript 3 as3oauth - ActionScript.0 OAuth Client Library AS3FaceApi - An As3 port of the m face recognition API! As3crypto_patched - Patched version of as3crypto (ActionScript) nexuslib-as3 - An Actionscript library providing robust reflection, serialization, seeded random number generation, cryptography, networking, and more.

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